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To keep the Town of Forestport residents as informed as possible, we are committed to notify you of any and all proposed changes related to the Town.  We are always open to your feedback.  The website is maintained regularly and will always provide the newest information.





From The Town Supervisor
March 30, 2020
Like most municipalities, Forestport is concerned about the influx of Camp Owners from "High Risk" areas right now. We are asking those of you with second homes here to PLEASE consider the impact of shifting to camp full time right now. We enjoy having you and we value your contributions to this little community under normal circumstances. HOWEVER in the spirit of being socailly responsible we are asking ALL OF YOU to please try and stay put as much as possible. If you plan to come to camp, PLEASE BE SMART! Limit your pit stops along the way, self quarantee for 14 days upon your arrival, and try to contact local neighbors ahead of time to pick up groceries and other essentials for you to limit your exposure within this community. We love each and every one of you and want to continue to enjoy your company along with our beautiful atmosphere for many years to come. #STOPTHESPREAD
March 17, 2020
All court cases have been adjourned to May 5th 2020. If you have questions the court clerk can be reached on Tuesdys & Thursdays 9am-12pm @ 315-392-2801 ext#5 or Forestporttowncourt@nycourts.gov   
March 16, 2020

In the spirit of lending a helping hand during this strange and difficult time the Town of Forestport is partnering up with Campbell's Diner, The Forestport Diner, and Season's Cafe to offer any Forestport school age child a free meal while school is suspended. Any kids in Forestport from Webb or Adirondack school districts are welcome to pick up at these kind local restaurants, and have a hot meal everyday. 

February 03, 2020
Craig Jenks 315-223-1356
2020 Camp Nazareth
February 03, 2020
Solar Project Open House
January 16, 2020
Town Clerk Hours
January 06, 2020

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